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A Little Organization Can Help You Achieve Holiday Zen

A holiday organizing interview with Sarah Buckwalter by Paige Allen of the Sun Chronicle:

The holidays are just around the corner and before long the endless parade of dinner parties, family celebrations and gatherings with friends will be underway.

While the holiday season is supposed to be a fun and festive time, it can quickly become stressful for those trying to get their homes organized and ready to receive guests. Thankfully, Sarah Buckwalter, founder and owner of Organizing Boston, can offer some help so you can achieve holiday zen.… Read the rest

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The Difference Between a Contractor and an Employee

If you are looking to expand your business, or just need some help on the occasional project, you”ll want to understand the difference between a contractor and an employee.

Basically, you have two choices when it comes to hiring.  You can work with a contractor, or you can hire an employee

So, what’s the difference?
A contractor does not work for you regularly, only as needed, and typically own and maintain their own business.
An employee works for you regularly and exclusively. … Read the rest

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Six Tips to Maintain Client Confidentiality

As an organizer, you are helping a client with some of their most intimate possessions and feelings. These must be handled with utmost care. Your clients must feel that they can totally trust you. Here are six tips to help you maintain client confidentiality.

#1: Don’t Gab
Everything a client tells you should be held in confidence. You should never discuss a client’s information or situation with anyone, even family and friends. You never know who knows who.

#2: Get Permission
Always ask the client for permission before you take photos, open closed doors, peek in drawers, use the bathroom, etc.… Read the rest

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Virtual Organizing for Organizers

Virtual Organizing is a growing trend that allows you to work with clients beyond your local area and grow your organizing business. Certified Professional Organizer® and virtual organizing pioneer, Sarah Buckwalter will teach you everything you need to know about virtual organizing for organizers, so you that you can organize anyone, anytime, anywhere – even from your beach chair!

In this engaging webinar, you will learn the systems, tools and technology you’ll need to develop and offer virtual organizing services.… Read the rest

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Living Social Deal

Welcome to Organizing U! We are happy to help you achieve your organizing goals!

We have three awesome offers available through Living Social. Whether you want to learn how to organize your life and home, or if you are organized and want to start a career as a professional organizer, you’ve come to the right place!

Home Organizing Bootcamp
Imagine your home, totally organized! In this program, you’ll learn how to conquer clutter and set up organizing systems for all areas of your home! … Read the rest

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Free Stuff!

We all love free stuff – especially when it helps us build a successful business!

Kickstart your organizing career with our intro course: How to Start a Six-Figure Organizing BusinessIt’s yours free when you join our list (you can unsubscribe at anytime, but we hope you don’t because you will also receive additional free forms and tips on how to run your organizing business!). Click the green button to get your free course and start your amazing career today!… Read the rest

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Professional Organizing Degree Program


Organizing U’s Professional Organizing Degree Program gives you the education and knowledge you need to become a successful professional organizer. This comprehensive, self-paced program includes everything you need to know to start, run and grow your organizing business.

On-demand courses allow you to learn at your own pace, anytime and anywhere! Plus, you get all the business forms you’ll need, too!

This information and resource packed program includes:
5 Professional Organizer Training Programs, including 16 Courses with comprehensive Course Handouts that cover everything you need to know to start, run and grow a successful organizing business.… Read the rest

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Client Confidentiality Agreement

Organizing clients are often hesitant to open up their homes and lives to a stranger. They worry that you’ll talk about them, or share their personal information with others. Use this client confidentiality agreement to reassure your organizing clients. Prove to them that you’ll protect their confidentiality by signing this confidentiality agreement. They’ll be impressed by your professionalism and will feel more comfortable working with you.

The Client Confidentiality Agreement is part of our Professional Organizer Client Service Forms package. This package bundles everything you need to communicate and work with your organizing clients effectively and efficiently!… Read the rest

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Virtual Organizing

Our Virtual Organizing program gives you the opportunity to work one-on-one with an expert Professional Organizer. Through Virtual Organizing, we will be able to work with you anywhere you are and provide you with expert coaching, advice and solutions, completely customized to your space and needs.

During a Virtual Organizing session, we use Skype or FaceTime to “meet” with you and view your space. We are right there with you! By viewing your space while discussing your needs, we will be able to provide you with specific solutions, coaching,  guidance and support to help you get organized and keep moving in the right direction. … Read the rest

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