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  • Organizer Training

    Virtual Organizing for Organizers

    Learn how to work with clients virtually, so you can organize anyone, anytime, anywhere – even from your beach chair!

  • Organizer Training

    Kickstart your Organizing Business

    Kickstart your professional organizing business with this comprehensive training program. This program is designed for a new organizer who is just starting out in the professional organizing industry. This program includes all the information and resources you need to set up your organizing business and get started working with organizing clients.

  • Organizer Training

    How to Work with Organizing Clients

    So you know you love to organize and you know you want to help people, but going into clients’ homes and offices, getting the job done, and leaving them 100% satisfied is no small task, especially when you’re starting out. In this course, we’ll teach you how to work with organizing clients in a way that meets or exceeds their …

  • Organizer Training

    Successful Marketing Strategies for Professional Organizers

    Learn the skills and techniques you need to market your organizing business to success!

  • Organizer Training

    Manage your Money

    Owning and running a business means you need to keep track of your finances as well! If you have never run a small business before, there is a lot to learn! This program will help you learn the financial side of running an organizing business, so you can become a successful organizer and business owner.

  • Organizer Training

    Build a Winning Team!

    The key to a successful organizing business is to build a team of organizers and other helpers so that you can take it to the next level.

    This program includes two essential courses and 10 hiring forms and templates to walk you through the hiring and training process with ease.

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    Home Organizing Bootcamp

    Imagine your home, totally organized! In this program, you’ll learn how to conquer clutter and set up organizing systems for all areas of your home! The Home Organizing Bootcamp offers online courses and checklists to help you learn how to get organized and stay organized once and for all!

    The Home Organizing Bootcamp program includes:
    – Six How-to-Organize Courses to teach you how …

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    Organizer Training

    Professional Organizing Degree Program

    Organizing U’s Professional Organizing Degree Program gives you the education and knowledge you need to become a successful professional organizer. This comprehensive, self-paced program includes everything you need to know to start, run and grow your organizing business.