A Little Organization Can Help You Achieve Holiday Zen

A holiday organizing interview with Sarah Buckwalter by Paige Allen of the Sun Chronicle:

The holidays are just around the corner and before long the endless parade of dinner parties, family celebrations and gatherings with friends will be underway.

While the holiday season is supposed to be a fun and festive time, it can quickly become stressful for those trying to get their homes organized and ready to receive guests. Thankfully, Sarah Buckwalter, founder and owner of Organizing Boston, can offer some help so you can achieve holiday zen.… Read the rest “A Little Organization Can Help You Achieve Holiday Zen”

Manage your Money

Mastering Organizing Project Management Step 2: Budgeting

Welcome to Step 2 in our Mastering Organizing Project Management series! This series is designed specifically to help you learn how to manage large organizing projects.

If you haven’t yet had a chance to check out Step 1: Planning, you can find it on our blog.

Now, it’s time for Step 2: Budgeting

For large and complex organizing projects, clients will want to know the expected costs up front. If you are managing a large organizing project, you will certainly need to create a proposal or estimate for the client.… Read the rest “Mastering Organizing Project Management Step 2: Budgeting”

Mastering Organizing Project Management Step 1: Planning

Hello and welcome to our new series on Mastering Organizing Project Management! This series is designed specifically to help you learn how to manage large organizing projects.

People look to professional organizers for their complex and multi layered projects. The idea of a daunting task may prompt them to reach out for help from someone who can think logically through the process and take the burden away from them. By taking on large organizing projects, you have an opportunity to greatly increase your earning potential!… Read the rest “Mastering Organizing Project Management Step 1: Planning”

Finding your Niche as a Professional Organizer

So much is trending in the organizing industry today – Marie Kondo, Senior Move Management, Digital Organizing. It’s hard to figure out just what to do. And the market is saturated with generalists. Just doing anything doesn’t make you stand out anymore. The best thing to do these days is to find and focus on a niche. Even if you’ve been in the organizing business for a while, finding your niche as a professional organizer will be beneficial to you in many ways.… Read the rest “Finding your Niche as a Professional Organizer”

Organizing Policies and Procedures

Organizing policies and procedures are essential for every organizing business. These ensure that everyone has the information and instructions that they need in order to do what they are supposed to be doing. You need to have organizing policies and procedures in place for your business, your staff and your clients.

As professional organizers, we are business owners, too. We need to always consider business side of this industry – not just the organizing. Doing so will help to avoid costly trial and error.… Read the rest “Organizing Policies and Procedures”

Six Tips to Maintain Client Confidentiality

As an organizer, you are helping a client with some of their most intimate possessions and feelings. These must be handled with utmost care. Your clients must feel that they can totally trust you. Here are six tips to help you maintain client confidentiality.

#1: Don’t Gab
Everything a client tells you should be held in confidence. You should never discuss a client’s information or situation with anyone, even family and friends. You never know who knows who.

#2: Get Permission
Always ask the client for permission before you take photos, open closed doors, peek in drawers, use the bathroom, etc.… Read the rest “Six Tips to Maintain Client Confidentiality”

Marketing Virtual Organizing Services

virtual organizingHave you dreamed of becoming a virtual organizer? Of working with clients and collecting income while you relax on the beach? If so, then you’re going to need to do some marketing, Marketing virtual organizing services is a must if you want to be successful!

Virtual organizing is a growing trend in the professional organizing industry. More and more professional organizers are adding virtual organizing to their list of services. It is great opportunity for professional organizers to work with clients everywhere from anywhere!… Read the rest “Marketing Virtual Organizing Services”

Organizing in Plain Sight

Organize by displaying your things instead of hiding them.

Have you heard of organizing in plain sight? It’s a concept where you use your open spaces to organize your belongings. With this method you can have as much useful storage space as the square footage of your home itself. Amazing right?!

Consider displaying your belongings instead of trying to stash everything away and out of sight. This “display” method of organizing is something I use in my own home as well as client’s homes.… Read the rest “Organizing in Plain Sight”

Get Organized Series: Armoire is for Organizing

Relaxing Organized BedroomOne of the most common and frustrating organizing challenges in many homes is the lack of closet space. Sure you can edit your things to a minimum, install a new closet system, move other items around to different places to make closet space, but what if you’ve already done that? If you live in a studio apartment or an old home and just don’t have the closet space, what do you do?

One option is to simply create the space; have a contractor in to build out a portion of the wall so that you can make closet space in a room.… Read the rest “Get Organized Series: Armoire is for Organizing”