Getting Organized in 2015!

getting organized in 2015Do you dream of getting organized in 2015? What about your other 2015 New Year’s Resolutions? Even if getting organized in 2015 is not on your resolution list, getting organized can be the first steps to help you with all of your New Year’s resolutions! Getting organized will free up the time and energy you need to tackle the other things on your list. Getting organized means more time to spend with your family, more energy to exercise, maybe even more money to do all the things you’ve dreamed of!…

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Free Holiday Help Webinar

free holiday webinarThe holidays are such a mixed blessing…there’s all the family time, good food, honoring old traditions and making new ones.  And then there’s all the preparations and stress.  If you’re like us, by the middle of the month you’re ready to pull your hair out…and the idea of egg nog seems more tempting than ever.  Fear not for behold, we have a solution!  Spend an hour with us on December 18th at 1:00 pm ET to attend our last-minute free holiday help webinar:

“Brilliantly Smooth Holidays – Keeping your Home AND Your Head!”

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Organizing Product Pick: Elfa

elfaThis week we have been talking about closets and clothing and to go along with this, we want to tell you about our most favorite organizing product: elfa solutions from the Container Store. Not only is elfa the Container Store’s best-selling product – it’s the product we use more than anything else in our organizing work.

Elfa solutions are customizable shelving, drawer and storage solutions that you can use in any space of your home and office. They’re not just for closets!…

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Clever Clothing Decluttering Tricks

In our last post about decluttering closets and clothing, we suggested six questions you can use to help you decide what should stay and what should go when it comes to weeding out your closet:

  1. Do I need it, do I wear it, do I love it?
  2. Do I have more than I need?
  3. Have I worn it in the past year?
  4. Do I have something better or could I get something better?
  5. Does it have a hole or stain?
  6. Does it fit me now?
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Clothing Consignment Tips

clothing consignmentWe all are guilty of buying clothing that we “will fit into someday” or “will have the occasion to wear someday”. These particular articles of clothing seem to be the ones that are hardest to let go of. After all, we paid good money for it and never, or hardly ever wore it! And maybe, just maybe, we might fit into it, or have the occasion to wear it…someday…maybe?

Well, if you’re reluctant to let go to of that never, or seldom worn item, we have a solution for you….consign…

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Organizing Success Story – School Teacher Office

We were called into a local school to help organize their teachers’ shared office space. 15 school teachers shared a large, open office space. Desks were piled with paper, book shelves were falling apart, the walls were painted an awful, bright yellow. The room was “a disaster zone”, as one teacher put it.

So, we transformed this disaster zone into a functional and organized room where the teachers could be focused and productive.

Step 1: De-clutter
We worked one on one with each teacher to go through their piles and get rid of all the old paper and trash and pack up the items they were keeping to be put aside while the space was transformed.…

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Product Pick: Brother Labeler

Our product pick this week is the Brother Personal Labeler. We have been using these for years now and find them to be the best labeler out there.

Why? Well, here are our favorite features:

  • Lightweight – takes AAA batteries instead of AA
  • Doesn’t print a lot of extra tape with your label – which is a waste of $!
  • And speaking of label tape – it’s the least expensive size out there.
  • Compact and easy to hold
  • Easy to type – the buttons are big enough for thumbs!
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Destination Organization

Moving boxes and suitcases in trunk of car, outdoorsNo doubt about it – organizing and decluttering have become household words – you say them and pretty much everybody knows what you’re talking about. But that doesn’t mean that everyone’s definition of “organized” is or should be the same. We all know that it’s easier to get somewhere when you know where you’re headed. So whether you’re on your own organizing journey or trying to help someone else, it helps to step back and think about your organizing vocabulary, most importantly, what it means to you to “be organized.”…

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Time Management: Automate Your To-Do List

ToDoNotepad10060137_lThere’s no question about it – time management is a HOT topic these days, primarily because most of us are running around feeling like we never have enough time! Time management is a huge topic, with countless experts, theories and strategies, but we want to focus on practical tips you can practice to help you reclaim precious minutes (or more) each and every day. How you use your re-claimed time? Now that’s up to you!

Time-Saving Tip: Automate Your To-Do List

This might be anything from setting up automatic bill-paying or membership renewal to using pre-printed grocery lists and email reminders for recurring or infrequent tasks.…

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